The P3 Canada Fund will be contributing $22.9 million towards the City of Hamilton Biosolids Management project. David Sweet, member of Parliament for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale, made the announcement on December 18.

“This program reaffirms the City of Hamilton’s leadership in wastewater management and today’s announcement helps give it more resources in taking it to the next level,” Sweet said, adding that “P3s give municipalities the ability to hold the private sector accountable for the facilities they build, yet offer significant savings to taxpayers.”

The treatment facility will convert the biosolids processed through the City’s wastewater system into a product usable as a fertilizer or as an energy source. The approach will provide a long-term solution for Hamilton’s biosolids management.

“Hamilton is already an industry leader with respect to wastewater solids management,” said Mayor Bob Bratina, “and we’re excited about this opportunity to continue to leverage our existing investments and drive even more value from the biosolids that are processed at the Woodward facility.”


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