Vancouver-based Carl Data Solutions Inc. has announced the official launch of a new application for the wastewater management industry.

Infinitii I&I uses machine learning to provide on-going, real-time analysis of sewer systems. Infinitii I&I is being piloted by several municipalities to help them understand when and where groundwater and stormwater are entering their sewer systems.

“Managing urban wet weather has become, and is likely to remain, one of the most important challenges facing municipalities and utilities,” said Kevin Marsh, FlowWorks vice president of sales. “Understanding the wet weather response of a collection system is foundational to effective management.”

Instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on an engineering report to understand retroactively why and where problems like flooding occurred, city operations teams can access in-depth analysis in real-time during wet weather events.

“We are keenly aware of how municipalities and utilities purchase services like Infinitii I&I and have created a Pilot-to-Scale purchase process that will be extremely compelling to them,” said Marsh.

Carl Data’s FlowWorks team is currently exhibiting at WEFTEC, giving a look at the Infinitii I&I to over 20,000 engineers and wastewater professionals.

“With several pilots nearing completion and moving into full deployment, we should be seeing contracts that lead to significant increases in our revenue in the near future,” said Greg Johnston, Carl Data CEO.

FlowWorks is a powerful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based application for collecting, monitoring, and analyzing a variety of environmental data. The FlowWorks Application has the unique ability to collect data from all types of monitoring equipment, gauges and sensor hardware, SCADA systems and other sources of public and private data to merge the information into a single platform, allowing for the generation of comprehensive analytics and reporting, saving time and money for the end user.


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