Indigenous Services Canada Progress on Long-Term DWAs for September

By Todd Westcott 10:14AM October 03, 2018



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Indigenous Services Canada has released an update on its progress in ending long-term drinking water advisories on reserve among First Nation communities.

“I am pleased to share more progress on our government’s commitment to lifting all long-term drinking water advisories on public systems on reserve,” said Minister of Indigenous Services, Jane Philpott. “Four long-term advisories were lifted in September, with 71 having now been lifted since November 2015.”

For September 2018, Minister Philpott provided the following update as part of the department’s monthly report on long-term drinking water advisories:

  • One long-term drinking water advisory was lifted by the Cowichan Tribes in British Columbia on September 12th. The water system was connected to a Regional District distribution system in order to restore clean water to the community. The advisory had been in place since June 2011.
  • One long-term drinking water advisory was lifted by Adams Lake Indian Band in British Columbia on September 13th. Their existing water system received improvements and upgrades to restore clean water and ensure the community’s needs are met for years to come. The advisory had been in place since April 2009.
  • One long-term drinking water advisory was lifted by Pikangikum First Nation in Ontario on September 17th. The community completed repairs to their water treatment system and back-up power system to restore the supply of clean drinking water. The advisory had been in place since December 2016.
  • One long-term drinking water advisory was lifted by Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation in Manitoba on September 28th. System upgrades and repairs ensure that the Canupawakpa Community Centre now has access to safe, reliable drinking water. The advisory had been in place since March 2014.

Additionally, one short-term advisory that was at-risk of becoming long-term was successfully lifted:

  • Shamattawa First Nation in Manitoba lifted a short-term advisory on September 4 after repairs were made to the community’s water treatment system.
Progress on lifting long-term drinking water advisories. Credit: Indigenous Services Canada.

Seventy-one long-term drinking water advisories have now been lifted from public water systems on reserve since November 2015. The federal government continues to work towards ending the remaining 69 long-term advisories, closing the gap in water and wastewater infrastructure, and preventing further short-term advisories from becoming long-term.

Further details on progress can be found at:

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