Kirkland Lake, ON – At 4:06 pm on Friday April 12, 2024, Stacy Wight, Mayor of the Town of Kirkland Lake, declared an emergency in accordance with the Emergency Management Act 2003, s.4(1) due to the following emergency: Flooding event resulting in the Town’s sanitary system surcharging due to the overflowing of Murdoch Creek. The location of the emergency starts at 1 Dunfield Rd. travelling West then South West to Brookbank Ave. and Carter Avenue flowing southernly and expanding through the Town of Kirkland Lake. This area may be expanded over time depending on deteriorating conditions.

On Tuesday, April 16, The Municipality of Kirkland Lake announced the successful conclusion of its period on bypass at the wastewater treatment plant, restoring operations to regular capacity. Despite the challenges posed by recent flooding, the diligent efforts of municipal staff have ensured the resumption of essential services. The State of Emergency remains in effect as staff continue to vigilantly monitor affected areas in anticipation of additional water from upcoming forecasted rain and sun-induced melt. Municipal personnel are actively engaged in the remediation of roads impacted by the floods, prioritizing the safety of all residents. The Municipality calls upon volunteers to extend a helping hand to friends and neighbours in need. Those with trucks or trailers are encouraged to contact the fire hall at 705-567-3400 ext. 2 to coordinate assistance with the transportation of debris to the landfill. Additionally, individuals requiring aid are urged to reach out to the fire hall for support. To further facilitate the recovery process, the Municipality will continue to waive tipping fees at the landfill for residents disposing of household debris damaged in the floods. Residents are requested to present identification indicating their name and address for verification purposes. For further updates and information on flood relief efforts, residents are encouraged to visit the Municipality’s official Website ( and Facebook.

The town continues to face ongoing flooding and surcharging, with the number of affected residents steadily increasing. In response to this escalating situation, the Town has activated an Emergency Operations Center to effectively manage and coordinate relief efforts. To ensure the safety of residents in affected areas, the Kirkland Lake Fire Department, along with dedicated volunteers, is actively conducting door-to-door checks. Their primary objective is to verify residents’ safety and assess potential risks to their homes. In the event that evacuation becomes necessary, affected residents are kindly requested to register at the Royal Canadian Legion located on Duncan Avenue. For those without temporary accommodations, provisions will be made available, including overnight lodging. Given the strain on the current water system, residents are urged to conserve water usage to essential needs only. This cooperative effort is crucial to alleviate pressure on the system. The Town of Kirkland Lake remains committed to prioritizing the safety and well-being of its residents during this challenging time. Updates and additional information will be provided as the situation evolves.

The extent of the damage and number of people requiring evacuation is unknown at this time.



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