The City of Kawartha Lakes in Central Ontario has installed a new solar-powered energy wave generator at the Coboconk Waste Stabilization Pond. The new technology is expected to limit sewage lagoon odours that often accompany the spring thaw by helping increase dissolved oxygen in still waters. Low oxygen levels result in odours caused by methane and hydrogen sulfide gas.

The EOS 2000 System was installed on April 15 by WCI Environmental Solutions, in cooperation with the Water Research and Innovation Network (WRAIN), the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), and the City of Kawartha Lakes. The City is also planning to install a second system at a local beach to help improve the quality of water for swimmers.

“This system is in place for the next two months as part of a pilot project which provides Kawartha Lakes with an opportunity to take advantage of this new technology aimed at improving our wastewater systems at no cost to our citizens,” said WRAIN Economic Development Officer Numair Uppal. “This project also brings attention to Kawartha Lakes as a centre of innovation for water technology.”


  1. I wonder if this system operates properly in the Winter. It really smells out there right now and my family can’t even play outside without the stench.


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