In its recent newsletter, the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) announced that its 2017 is underway, with a first draft presented at its September board meeting. The first draft included $29.4 million in expenditures with more special funding to be added before the budget is finalized.

The general municipal levy is budgeted to increase by $266,000, or 2.5 per cent. The draft budget outlines revenue and expenses for current GRCA programs.

The GRCA has several revenue sources:

  • Municipal levy;
  • Self-generated funds;
  • And government grants.

Municipalities pay about 35 per cent of the GRCA’s annual operating costs. About 50 per cent of revenues come from fees for services. Government grants account for 10 to 15 per cent.

In 2015, GRCA expenditures were about $29.5 million covering various programs, including flood management, water quality improvements, environmental education, etc.

The GRCA has hired R.J. Burnside and Associates for consultation regarding water and wastewater treatment over three years. The GRCA provides water and wastewater service to 11 conservations areas, Luther Marsh Wildlife Management Area, and 5 nature centres.

September also saw the GRCA hosting water and planning managers from across the Grand River watershed. Discussion was focused on growth and development pressures with respect to four provincial land use plans. Implementation of the Water Management Plan, land use planning, and actions taken to integrate water management into the natural heritage strategy and municipal plans were topics discussed.

The GRCA stated, “Growth and development pressures continue in the watershed, especially in the headwater region where the rivers have a limited capacity to receive more wastewater effluent. A broader subwatershed planning approach to wastewater treatment and river assimilation may result in new opportunities that can save significant capital infrastructure spending.”

Visit the GRCA’s website for more information on their planning, services, and watershed management.


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