Communities and governments are working together to prepare for and adapt to impacts of climate change, helping to improve quality of life for Canadians in higher-risk areas, and reduce the costs of disasters. In Canada, flooding is the most common and costly natural disaster, causing approximately $1.5 billion in damage to households, property, and infrastructure annually, with residential property owners bearing approximately 75% of uninsured losses each year.

Today, the Government of Canada announced the release of the interdisciplinary Task Force on Flood Insurance and Relocation’s report Adapting to Rising Flood Risk: An Analysis of Insurance solutions for Canada.

The report provides evidence and information required to support decision-making and a way forward on a national flood insurance program, with special considerations for potential strategic relocation of those at most risk. It is a valuable first step toward the common goal of reducing the impact of flooding for all Canadians and includes significant progress on flood modelling, and actuarial analysis, and demonstrates climate change adaptation in action.

The Government of Canada is reviewing the report to inform next steps on the development of a national flood insurance program. Work is also underway on the Flood Hazard Identification and Mapping Program and a flood risk portal to make flood risk information more accessible to Canadians.

Alongside provincial, territorial, Indigenous and municipal governments, the federal government is currently developing the country’s first National Adaptation Strategy, to help Canada be more resilient and prepare for the impacts of climate change. The National Adaptation Strategy is set to launch by end of 2022. Strengthening Canada’s resilience to flooding and other disasters is one of the five focus areas of the Strategy.

The Government of Canada will continue to help Canadians whose lives and jobs are affected when disasters strike, help communities deal with the realities of increased climate-related risks and disasters and ultimately, increase the country’s resiliency to the impacts of flooding.

“For many, their home is their most important investment, and we have to ensure it is equipped in the face of changing climate conditions across the country. The Task Force on Flood Insurance and Relocation is helping to protect homeowners, and is a step toward making housing in Canada more resilient to climate events. Our government will continue to help those who need it most, as we work to ensure everyone has a safe place to call home.” – The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion


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