Esquimalt’s “Wrong Plan”

By Water Canada 12:33PM September 07, 2010



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The Township of Esquimalt has launched a new website,, in opposition to Victoria’s Capital Regional District (CRD) plans for sewage treatment.

In August, the British Columbia government approved the CRD’s plan.

“The CRD sewage treatment plan as presented to the Province can work, yes, but I don’t believe it is the best plan for the region from an economic or environmental perspective,” said Mayor Barb Desjardins. “It’s a bad deal and a long-term burden for taxpayers, and there are several serious problems with the McLoughlin Point location, including the fact that 400,000 tourists travel pass this location every year, and that the site is not expandable.”

Esquimalt’s website includes an overview of the CRD plan, proposed alternatives, current news, suggestions on how the public can get involved, fact sheets and publications. It also features a contact link for those who wish to show their support to the campaign.

“This is too important an issue not to have all of the information on the table,” said Desjardins.

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