Krista Derrickson was recently appointed to the Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) board of directors.

Derrickson is a member of Westbank First Nation (WFN), and the manager of utilities at WFN. WFN is one of B.C.’s largest First Nation purveyors of water with more than 6,000 water connections on its two inhabited reserves.

She held the operator/environmental officer position at WFN for just over seven years (2002 – 2009) before moving to Vancouver to take a position with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC). At INAC she worked on training programs for all operators who work for First Nation communities within B.C. She helped to create new training courses and ideas by working closely with outside training providers like MTS Inc., and TRU.Derrickson also managed the Circuit Rider Training program that consisted of hands-on training for the operators who work for First Nation communities.

Derrickson hosted the annual First Nation Operators conference for the past five years as well, bringing together First Nation Operators from all across BC and Yukon. Krista is looking forward to the new change at Westbank and is happy to be back home helping her community.

The EOCP provides training and certification support to drinking water and wastewater operators across  British Columbia and Yukon.  The EOCP’s objective is to protect human health, the environment, and the investment in facilities through increased knowledge, skill and proficiency of the members in all matters relating to water treatment and distribution and wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal.


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