A project to upgrade the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant in Durham Region has been approved by Regional Council.

By increasing the capacity of the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant, Durham Region will meet the growing needs of the Newcastle community in Clarington.

“With all of the new residential and commercial developments planned in the near future for Newcastle, more wastewater treatment capacity at the Newcastle [Water Pollution Control Plant] was needed,” said John Henry, Durham’s regional chair and CEO. “Rather than building an entirely new plant, we looked into innovative ways to upgrade the current plant, which will take less time to complete and ultimately save more of our taxpayers’ money.”

In 2014, Durham Region completed a feasibility study that identified what would be required to increase the wastewater treatment capacity at the Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant. The study noted that the estimated capital savings were approximately 75 per cent, when comparing upgrading the existing plant versus the construction of a new plant with the same capacity.

The Newcastle Water Pollution Control Plant upgrade is scheduled to begin in Spring 2022. It will involve refurbishing and/or replacing components of the plant to increase capacity through optimization, including sewage sludge pumps, collection mechanisms, chemical feed systems, and more. Sustainability will be addressed throughout the project by using more efficient equipment including blowers and aeration system controls that will reduce power consumption of the aeration system by approximately 10 to 20 per cent.

More information about water pollution control plants in Durham Region is available here.

Header Image Credit: Region of Durham Works Department.



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