The Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP) is looking for a consultant to develop a competency framework for water and wastewater Operators.


Competencies are the abilities, skills and applied knowledge that are needed for effective performance of a job. The EOCP follows the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) model for certification for Operators in water and wastewater (Levels 1 to 4).

The ABC model uses ‘Need to Know’ criteria for each level of Operator which tend to focus on technical knowledge or ability. However, there is a need to more clearly elucidate the full range of Operator competencies associated with the ‘Need to Know’ criteria as well as to build in a broader range of competencies that are needed to achieve performance goals for successful operations. Colorado is an example of a jurisdiction that has developed competencies to support the ABC ‘Need to Know’ criteria, see for example, the ‘Colorado Drinking Water Operator Framework’ and ‘Colorado Water Operator Competency Model’.

The purpose of this contract is to develop Operator competencies for level 1 to 4 Operators, and Senior Operators working in BC Purpose of this Competency Framework

1. To support and guide the development of consistent training materials and programs that are relevant and appropriate, and that are well-aligned with the required Operator competencies.

2. To enable the evaluation of training effectiveness through direct assessment of learner competencies 3. To support the eventual development of alternate paths to certification through direct assessment of Operator competencies.


  • ABC 2012 Need-to-Know Criteria
  • ABC 20XX Need-to-Know Criteria (under development)
  • ECO Canada 2005 National Occupational Guidelines for Canadian Water and Wastewater Operators
  • Colorado’s Drinking Water Operator Training Framework, and Colorado Water Operator Competency Model
  • American Water Works Association (AWWA) Water and Wastewater Competency Model 6. Australian Government National Water Training Package.

Constraints: The EOCP is committed to maintaining labour mobility for water Operators across Western Canada. To ensure this mobility, the Competency Framework must be consistent with, support, and be directly reconcilable to the ABC ‘Need To Know’ criteria for each Operator job and certification level. This project completion date is March 31st, 2017. The budget allocated for this project is $50,000.

Deliverables: The following deliverables are required:

Develop a BC approach for competencies based on a review of the Colorado report on competencies for water and wastewater Operators as well as other resources – see resources list above. Other sources of information may also be considered. BC wants to maintain the ABC model for Operators and ‘Need To Know’ criteria, and the project is to support the ‘Need To Know’ with full set of competencies. The deliverables include: a. Develop a process for consulting with Operators and trainers in BC to determine what competencies would be needed in BC b. Identify a ‘made in BC’ approach – namely, identify which competencies are best suited for Operators in BC

  1. Develop Academic, Practical, and Personal competencies for water and wastewater Operators at each of the Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 based on the information derived from deliverable 1.
  2. Develop ‘Senior Operator’ competencies required for each type of classified facility: Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 based on the information derived from deliverable 1.
  3. Develop specific ‘continuing education units’ (CEUs) competencies that should be maintained for Operators and Senior Operators.
  4. A document outlining the recommended approach for implementing and maintain the deliverables of this work.

Key Success Factors:

  1. Focus on the rapid development of a minimum viable product that can be deployed and used as quickly as possible.
  2. Use existing material to the extent possible, and adapt it to conditions that are unique to BC.
  3. Consult with Operators and trainers in BC to confirm the unique competencies required in BC, and to obtain buy-in to the deliverables.
  4. Maintain consistency with competency frameworks for water-related occupations in other jurisdictions to support labour mobility.
  5. Maintain consistency with similar frameworks and initiatives in other industries and occupations in BC and across Canada, to support the recognition of general and cross-industry competencies.

RFP Process Please provide the EOCP with a written proposal that describes how each deliverable will be met, and a timeline for each deliverable. The contract is worth $50,000, with an expected end date of March 31st, 2017. The proposal is due January 27th . Proposals will be evaluated during the week of January 30; proponents should be available for discussions and requests. The successful candidate will be identified by February 3.

For more information, visit the EOCP website, at


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