Milestones timeline - June 11

CALGARY – City-wide water restrictions are expected to remain in place moving through the weekend and into next week, as the city continue repairing a critical water feedermain pipe break near 16th Avenue and Home Road N.W.

On Wednesday,  a second robot was deployed that will travel further into the pipe to assess more sections. Officials also expect crews to begin preparing the pipe for its replacement, followed by installing and welding the new pipe into place. This work is expected to take two days.

Once installed  the pipe will be filed and flushed to remove any sediment, which is expected to take three days due its large size.

Once the flush is complete, workers will prepare the pipe and the city network for water to begin flowing again, including filling the pipe. This process will take approximately two days, including water quality testing.

It will only be after this last step, when The City will be able to determine the timing of:

  • restoring city water supply
  • phasing out water restrictions, as water service is returned to the city.

By the middle of next week, officials will know more about the timeline for when mandatory Stage 4 outdoor watering restrictions can be relaxed, restoring water services across the city.

It is estimated the work to continue inspecting and repairing the damaged pipe will take seven days. Repair work to the damaged section includes installing and welding the replacement pipe is anticipated to take around two days to complete.

While Alberta Health Services (AHS) has lifted the Boil Water Advisory for the community of Bowness, it is imperative that Calgarians continue to conserve water, so demand does not outstrip supply.

“We remain completely focused on these repairs and the next steps in restoring water flow through this feedermain as fast as possible,” says Water Services Director Nancy Mackay. “We know the restrictions are an inconvenience. I want to sincerely thank everyone for your patience and for your continued support.”


A fire ban remains in effect for The City of Calgary, however after consulting with the construction industry, the Calgary Fire Department is now permitting certain lower-risk hot works activities for roofing (restrictions on this work apply and work using open flames are prohibited). If there is essential work that needs to be completed or a business is unsure if their work is compliant they are encouraged to email [email protected].


While most Calgarians are doing their best and following water restrictions since June 6, we have dealt with a number of incidences of people misusing water:

Bylaw has issued 993 notices and resolved 898 of them. Of those resolved, we have issued 240 written warnings, provided 321 verbal warnings with an educational approach, and issued one ticket.

In addition to the water restrictions, fire ban enforcement has issued 70 notices for active fire pits. Of those, 58 are resolved. We’ve issued nine written warnings. There have been 28 verbal warnings with an educational approach.

We would like to remind Calgarians that gas and propane fire pits are not allowed to be used during the fire ban.

Regarding calls coming in to 311, there have been 10,254 more calls into 311 over the last six days versus the same period in 2023.


All City-operated aquatic fitness facilities and leisure centres are open, including weight rooms. North Mount Pleasant and Wildflower Arts Centres are open.

Swimming pools, arenas, water parks and showers remain closed.


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