Cranbrook, B.C. – The City of Cranbrook intends to move forward with the construction project to install the sanitary sewer force main and lift stations at Shadow Mountain later this spring, with substantial completion expected by the end of 2023.

The pre-construction estimate for the work was $8.47 million, which includes 35 per cent contingency, before the tender was issued in February 2023.

A total of four contracting companies filed bids to construct the Shadow Mountain Sanitary Sewer construction project, with Copcan Civil LP submitting the lowest bid at $6.79 million (bid does not include 35 per cent contingency). In conjunction with its consultants, the City intends to award the contract to Copcan. Timbro Contracting, Mackay Contracting and Marwest Industries Ltd also filed bids.

The project will construct a new sanitary sewer force main and lift stations connecting the Shadow Mountain neighbourhood to the City’s sewage collection system. The connection point is at Mennie Road near Echo Field Road. This project will permanently take the existing onsite sewer holding tank system offline.

This project is funded by a Local Area Service (LAS) process undertaken by the City last fall. An LAS is the installation of a utility service such as water, sewer, or road that benefits a particular area of residents. Those specific residents then pay for that service rather than all City of Cranbrook taxpayers paying for the service installation.

The contract award price does not include any required contingency, land acquisition, engineering, consulting, or legal services costs to complete this project. We expect all these costs to be under the borrowing budget amount of $10 million. Under the LAS, the City will only charge those Shadow Mountain residents for the project’s actual costs once completed.


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