A map of the Lake Simcoe South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund boundary. Image: ec.gc.ca

Community-based clean-up projects in Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay can now access financing through the federal Lake Simcoe/South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund. The five-year plan allots $29 million to remedy the ecological health of Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay, improving water quality for residents and wildlife. Applicable projects will aim to restore aquatic wildlife habitat or populations, reduce phosphorus inputs from urban and rural sources, or address nearshore toxic and nuisance algae growth.

The new fund will compliment the 2007-2012, $30-million investment in the Lake Simcoe Clean-Up Fund. It is one component of the federal government’s Action Plan for Clean Water, which also includes action on pollution in Lake Winnipeg and contaminated sediment in the Great Lakes Areas of Concern.


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