Cobourg council has pushed through a federal grant application for the last $1.3 million in upgrades to the water pollution control plant, reports the Northumberland News.

The Build Canada application for $1.3 million would complete the plant upgrades and keep pollutants out of Lake Ontario. The final upgrade will install a tertiary treatment system at the plant. The cloth filtering system will improve sewage quality and allow the plant to meet Ministry of Environment limits and improve the quality of the plant effluent.

The project was included with the other plant upgrades already given council approval under a Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (COMRIF) grant this summer. COMRIF granted $4.3 million for the water pollution control plant upgrades.

If the application is successful, one-third of the $1.3 million project will be funded by the federal government, a third will be funded by the province and the rest will come from Cobourg’s wastewater rates.


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