Ottawa-based Clearford Industries Inc. has established a sales and business development agreement with Indocan Capital, a consulting firm with offices in India and Toronto. The agreement provides Clearford in-country representation to act as sales prospectors, lead generators and advisors for Clearford’s Small Bore Sewer (SBS) system.

The wastewater collection system can be constructed using local labour, which allows for even more benefit to the local area. Furthermore, the final products of the system are potable water and bio-gas that can be used as fuel.

“India requires wastewater collection systems for nearly 900 million people. Water is scarce, polluted and provided in such minimal quantities that the western style of sanitary sewers will not function,” said Anish Joshi, of Indocan. Continuing, “Clearford’s solution is ideal, not only for its green energy production, but also for water reuse and the fact that it can be constructed exclusively with local labour.”

“India is ready to leap frog the historic approach to sewage that is so entrenched in the temperate western countries,” said Clearford’s CEO Bruce Linton.

Clearford has established an introduction program for India, where its intent is to deliver three pilot projects to demonstrate its capabilities: servicing a new development, implementing water reuse in an eco-industrial park, and servicing a built area with no or failing sewers/septic/holding tanks.


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