Clean Water and Wastewater Fund Supports Infrastructure in New Brunswick

By Todd Westcott 10:09AM July 20, 2018



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Fredericton has been selected to receiving funding through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund to improve water and wastewater infrastructure in the city.

Today, Matt DeCourcey, Member of Parliament for Fredericton; Stephen Horsman, Deputy Premier of New Brunswick; and Mike O’Brien, Mayor of the City of Fredericton, announced more than $1.7 million in funding to upgrade water and wastewater infrastructure on Sunset Drive.

“By investing in water and wastewater infrastructure, the Government of Canada is supporting Canada’s ongoing transition to a clean, sustainable growth economy and creating well-paying middle class jobs,” said Decourcey.

The Government of Canada is contributing more than $856,000 to this project and the Government of New Brunswick is providing more than $428,000 through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. The City of Fredericton is providing the balance of the funding.

“The City of Fredericton thanks the federal and provincial governments for the funding received in support of the Sunset Drive construction project. It will allow for the installation of water, sanitary sewer and storm water mains, and help us address our overall infrastructure deficit,” said Mayor O’Brien.

This project will upgrade approximately 510 meters of water and wastewater pipielines, as well as upgrade stormwater infrastructure in the area. This project will also help keep the city’s waterways clean

Earlier this week, more than $1 million in spending on water and wastewater infrastructure in northern New Brunswick was announced.

Infrastructure improvements were undertaken in Bathurst, N.B. along Dumaresque Street, Murray Avenue, and Bridge Street. The Town of Beresford replaced its water and sanitary sewer systems on Maurice Street and Luc Street. In Pointe-Verte, the existing stormwater collection system was improved with a new storm sewer in the du Parc Street West area.

“We are proud to support these infrastructure projects that provide efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life for New Brunswick residents,” said Acadie-Bathurst MP Serge Cormier.

The provincial government committed to a contribution of more than $270,000 and the federal government committed to more than $540,000 for these projects through the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund. The municipal governments of Bathurst, Beresford and Pointe-Verte are providing the balance of the funding for their respective projects.

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