A total of $10,000 has been allocated through the City of Saskatoon 2015 Environmental Grant program to recognize local non-profit organizations implementing initiatives that support the city’s strategic goal of environmental leadership. To be eligible for the grant, the initiatives and activities must relate to protection of the environment; conservation of natural resources; and/or environmental communications, education, and research.

In total, seven organizations will receive funding in 2015. Two of these organizations are:

  • South SK River Watershed Stewards ($1,400): to initiate awareness and monitoring programs for aquatic invasive mussels (AIMs) in Saskatoon and the South Saskatchewan River watershed, with the ultimate goal of preventing the invasion of AIMs in the watershed.
  • Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre ($1,600): to increase the educational experience for visitors of the Garden Patch, by providing demonstrations of solar PV energy generation, water catchment techniques, and home composting methods.

For a complete list of grant recipients, click here.


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