Canada-China Cleantech Mission Celebrates Water

By Water Canada 09:21AM December 07, 2017



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The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, released the a photo and statement today after returning from a successful engagement with the Canadian companies on the clean-technology trade mission to China.

Minister McKenna said, “Canadian companies have expertise and solutions to offer. For example, hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens are served by Canadian ultraviolet water- and wastewater-treatment technology. Engaging with China on clean technology continues to be a priority, and the Government of Canada is supporting Canadian companies to make further inroads into the Chinese market.”

Among the 16 companies highlighted in the mission, were the following firms:

  • A.U.G. Signals, which offers solutions for intelligent drinking/source water quality surveillance, operational, and pollution control (see Water Canada’s next issue on Indigenous water);
  • Biorem, offering next-generation of biological odour control systems;
  • Cypher Environmental, a leading provider of global environmental solutions for dust control, erosion control, soil stabilization, and wastewater treatment;
  • David Bromley Engineering, delivering nanoflotation technology and particularly the RSL membranes to replace the conventional warm or hot lime softening process typically used for SAGD oil operations;
  • Echologics, a highly accurate and permanent leak detection technology that can help ensure the continuous and uninterrupted supply of water;
  • NELSON Environmental Remediation, a Western Canadian based environmental contractor, specializing in soil remediation and contaminated site preparation/restoration;
  • Pure Technologies, a world leader in the development and application of innovative and diverse technologies for critical water infrastructure, including pipe integrity, remote monitoring, and leak detection;
  • Quadrogen Power Systems, offering biogas clean-up systems that allow waste water treatment plants, landfills, agricultural digesters and power generation facilities to turn waste biogas into clean energy;
  • Saltworks, offering  industry leading technologies and services for treating challenging wastewater;
  • Solstice Canada Corp., a independent environmental consulting firm;
  • Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc., that can safely convert solid waste and sludges onsite to recover valuable energy;

While in China, the Minister was also focused on advancing the CanadaChina partnership, and leading the annual general meeting of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development as the international executive vice-chair.

While the federal government’s trade mission failed to launch free trade talks between Canada and China, the Globe and Mail reported that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, “[Canada and China] share the belief that more openness and more collaboration is the right way forward.”

Photo: Front: Peter Cheng, Xebec; Michelle Cotton, Solstice Canada; Guy Drouin, Biothermica; ‎Marc Bracken, Echologics; Minister, Beth Hardy, International CCS Knowledge Centre; Nicole Pei, Biorem; George Lampropoulos, A.U.G. Signals. Middle: Prabhu Rao, Xebec; Jean-Francois Gauthier, GHGSat; Darryl Nelson, Nelson Environmental; Peter‎ Tsantrizos, Terragon; Weldon Epp, Canadian Consulate Shanghai, Ryan Baerg, Canadian Consulate Shanghai. Back: Tim Prevost Hi-Velocity Systems; Harrison Wang, Hi-Velocity Systems; Mark Nicol, Echologics; David Bromley, David Bromley Engineering; Frank Wang, Cypher Environmental.

In April 2017, Water Canada spoke to several experts about the opportunities and challenges for Canada’s water cleantech sector if a trade deal with China is struck.

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