The Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority (VVWRA), an organization that specializes in converting wastewater into a useable resource in California, has selected FibrePlate hybrid-membrane technology, produced by Burlington, Ontario’s Anaergia Inc., for two upcoming Membrane Bioreactor facilities.

Anaergia’s executive chairman and chief technology officer, Andrew Benedek

The new facilities will produce a combined two million gallons of effluent each day to be used for landscape irrigation. They will also reduce stress on the collection system, allowing VVWRA to avoid expanding infrastructure.

“FibrePlate membranes are a game changing technology and they are the first 100 per cent newly designed membrane that the industry has seen in a long time,” said executive chairman and chief technology officer of Anaergia, Andrew Benedek. “The hybrid-membrane combines the best advantages of hollow-fibre and flat-sheet technologies to deliver a significant capital and operating cost advantage to our clients.”

The general manager of VVWRA, Logan Olds, added that, “This is a critical project that will help to ensure the future sustainability and economic prosperity of our communities. We have a proven track record of employing best-in-class technologies to help solve critical wastewater infrastructure challenges.”


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