Brandon, MB – The City of Brandon, in partnership with Esri Canada, recently implemented the geographic information system (GIS) software ArcGIS Utility Network (UN), which allows the City to see, manage and share vital information about its water network in real time. This leads to better network management. The project is part of the City’s strategy to modernize asset management.

“ArcGIS Utility Network is absolutely a game-changer. Not only can we see operational changes to the status of our assets as soon as an action is made by our field crews, it’s also easier for our managers and engineers to run network traces and provide better information to our customers,” said Jamie Hart, manager of municipal assets, City of Brandon.

The City’s water utility moved from a legacy system to ArcGIS Utility Network in late 2022. The transition has immediately paid dividends. With UN, staff can now visualize the most current and accurate information on the City’s water network on a dynamic map. Edits to data done in the field are instantly updated in the system and on the live network map in the office. For example, when a field crew closes a valve for maintenance, everyone looking at the UN map in the office or field can immediately see that the valve is closed and when it is opened. This common operating picture enables staff across the city to view and analyze the impact of changes to the water network in real time.

“Efficient water services are critical to the City of Brandon’s economy. In modernizing the way they manage their water network data, the City has established a strong foundation for improving their water network sustainability and asset management, thus reducing outages and improving services to customers,” said Brian Bell, director, utilities, Esri Canada.


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