BluMetric Awarded New Contracts in Central America in Excess of $1 Million

By Water Canada 01:10PM July 20, 2017



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BluMetric Environmental, an Ottawa-based cleantech company, is pleased to announce two new sales in Central America valued at more than $1 million cumulatively.

These contract demonstrate the success of BluMetric’s Americas strategy, to target sectors that enable the company to focus on specific client needs—in these cases,  for the food-beverage-agriculture and industrial-commercial-development sectors, but also tailored for the mining sector, especially as it relates to ammonia reduction.

BluMetric’s El Salvador office has built a well-established client base over the past ten years, expanding in size with full-time staff dedicated to engineering, project management, and sales.

The food and beverage sector contract provides primary treatment design and equipment supply, and involves a tailor-made solution for a growing client, El Salvador’s Productos Alimenticios DIANA, which has an aggressive development plan requiring a cost-effective solution for wastewater treatment.

The industrial sector contract, with CODEMON in the Dominican Republic, evolved from a standard BluMod product-line membrane bioreactor employing the LG flatsheet membrane, a solution which is highly attractive from both CapEx and OpEx standpoints.

Work on both projects starts immediately, with delivery by the end of 2017.

“To do business successfully in Latin America, building the relationships is the first step. During the last few years, our office has focussed on reputation and building a name for innovation in the food-beverage-agriculture and industrial-commercial-development sectors. Now, with a strong foundation and solid relationships, our next challenge is to grow faster,” said Mario Sorto, Business Director for Central America.

“I am gratified to see BluMetric’s strategic growth plan taking root outside Canada as well as inside,” said Roger Woeller, CEO of BluMetric.  “Our Central American team is a splendid example of what we do best and they deserve recognition for reading client needs and adapting our solutions to local regulatory changes so constructively.”

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, BluMetric’s team of industry experts serves clients in Canada, the United States, and Central America.

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