BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc. has announced that it has commenced water treatment operations for the 2009 season at its Raglan plant, located in Nunavik (Northern Quebec) at Xstrata Nickel’s Raglan Mine. BioteQ is responsible for operating its proprietary ChemSulphide plant, as well as the Spoon lime treatment plant at the site, treating water from surface operations to meet strict water quality criteria for discharge to the environment.

The plant is budgeted to treat 750,000 cubic metres of water for the 2009 operating season. A new stand-by charge is in place, in the event that the rate of snow melt delays water treatment.

In addition, following successful operation of the Spoon water treatment plant in 2008, BioteQ has secured a two-year, fee-based contract with Xstrata Nickel to assume operating responsibility for the Spoon plant at the site. BioteQ will provide operating staff on a cost-plus fee basis.


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