Service Works Global (SWG), has today announced the launch of a new survey, exploring the operational phase of PPP / P3 (public-private partnership) projects, in collaboration with leading industry journal, P3 Bulletin and the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP). The survey is now live and is open to industry professionals to gather insight and identify trends on the optimisation of operational and contractual procedures for P3 projects.

P3 contracts now play a prominent role in a large percentage of public infrastructure projects. P3 (or PPP) arrangements typically look to have mutually-beneficial effect on the market by helping to reduce the financial and operational burden on public authorities, while also simultaneously helping private industry gain a foothold in large scale and long-term infrastructure projects.

Unlike traditional procurement, the public sector integrates all components of a P3 project into one performance-based contract. It’s this often complex arrangement that provides the rationale for Service Works Global’s latest piece of market research.

Gary Watkins, CEO of SWG said, “Up to date intelligence is vital in helping to innovate and evolve P3 contracts. This survey will offer valuable insight into a rapidly changing industry and aid improvement in the crucial stages of projects of this type across the globe.”

“We are pleased to partner on this initiative to gather further insight into the O&M phase of projects given the maturing Canadian market,” added Mark Romoff, President and CEO of CCPPP.

There will be one lucky winner receiving $1000 worth of vouchers (or domestic currency equivalent) for completing the survey. The results from the poll, hosted by P3 Bulletin and its sister publication, Partnerships Bulletin, in alliance with the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP) is due to be published in April 2017.

To participate in the survey, please visit the following link,0,0,0,0


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