Feds announced today that the County of Oxford, Ontario has been approved for more than $12 million in low-cost loans from CMHC’s Municipal Infrastructure Lending Program (MILP), including several water infrastructure projects.

  • The Township of East Zorra – Tavistock will see an investment of $3 million for wastewater servicing in Innerkip
  • The Township of Blandford-Blenheim will benefit from $3.17 million for upgrades to the Wastewater Treatment Plant/Sewage Pump station in Platsville
  • The City of Woodstock is investing $200,000 to upgrade its Thames Valley Sewage Pump Station
  • The Township of Zorra is investing $4.3 million for the Embro Wastewater Servicing Program

The Economic Action Plan is providing up to $2 billion in direct low-cost loans to municipalities, over two years, for housing-related infrastructure projects through the MILP. Municipal infrastructure loans are available to any municipality in Canada and provide a new source of funds for municipalities to invest in housing-related infrastructure projects. These low-cost loans can also be used by municipalities to fund their contribution for cost-shared federal infrastructure programming.


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