This morning the federal government announced $410,000 in funding from the Great Lakes Sustainability Fund for four projects to clean up the Detroit River Area of Concern. Thirty-seven projects throughout the Great Lakes are receiving $2.2 million in funding this year.

With the LaSalle Riverfront Park Habitat Restoration project, the Essex Region Conservation Authority and the Town of LaSalle will be using soft shoreline engineering techniques to restore a stretch of Detroit River Shoreline in a way that will create and enhance wetland and fish habitat. Irregular rock shoreline habitats will be built to encourage fish habitat.

“The LaSalle Riverfront Park Fish Habitat Restoration Project will provide important habitat for a large number of the 60 or so fish species that inhabit the Detroit River. This will complement similar projects completed throughout the Area of Concern,” stated Ray Renaud, past chair of the Essex Region Conservation Authority. “Additional projects focused on water quality and habitat improvements will be undertaken in the Area of Concern and across the region.”



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