The Yukon government has updated its funding program for municipalities to ensure predictable and sustainable funding over the next five years. In part, the revised framework addresses support for regulatory compliance in water services.

The Comprehensive Municipal Grant (CMG) was updated following a review by a joint Government of Yukon and Association of Yukon Communities working group. In total, municipal funding through the grant will increase by $700,000 this year, with further increases projected over the next five years.

“Municipalities provide vital services for Yukoners, and it’s important that they have resources to support their activities. Ensuring predictable funding helps communities plan effectively to meet the needs of residents,” said Minister of Community Services John Streicker. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Association of Yukon Communities to build healthy, vibrant, sustainable communities.”

Each of Yukon’s incorporated municipalities receives funding through the CMG based on a formula that considers factors such as population, properties, infrastructure tax base and the Consumer Price Index. A key change makes the $50,000 supplementary funding a permanent part of the grant. This will account for the significant costs municipalities incur for regulatory compliance in areas like solid waste, structural fire, clean water, and wastewater.

“Having the supplementary funding (previously known as the Structural Fire Supplement) become a permanent part of the CMG will ensure continued support of municipal efforts to maintain regulatory compliance,” said Association of Yukon Communities president Diana Rogerson. “We look forward to continued discussion of the impacts of regulatory requirements when dealing with solid waste, clean water and waste water management.”

The changes to the CMG have ensured that no municipality will see their grant decrease below 2017 levels for the next five years. The changes will take effect as of April 1st, 2018.


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