The Government of Yukon has announced plans to invest more than $1.5 million to expand Yukon’s water monitoring network in between now and 2017, subject to legislative approval.

Minister of Environment Wade Istchenko said, “The Government of Yukon is committed to making water management decisions that sustain the quality and overall health of water in Yukon. We aim to promote the sustainable and responsible use of water for our environmental, social and economic needs.”

The announced upgrades will include:

  • installing ten new hydrometric stations;
  • reactivating two old water-quality monitoring stations;
  • adding wells to the groundwater network and expanding the groundwater program;
  • conducting baseline studies on water quality and groundwater in Eagle Plains; and
  • installing two multi-level wells and conducting groundwater sampling in the Kotaneelee gas fields region.

Increasing job opportunities for First Nations and communities through  community monitoring of local water networks is also a priority of the plan.

Following the recommendations of the 2014 Yukon Water Strategy and Action Plan, significant investments have been made in the territory’s water network. So far the government has upgraded 23 hydrometric stations, installed 15 new hydrometric stations, and established or re-activated four new water-quality stations. The Yukon government also hired a hydrogeologist, held two Yukon Water Forums, funded the Yukon Water and Wastewater Operator Training Program at Yukon College, and invested in enhanced flood forecasting.


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