A wastewater treatment plant in Cambridge, Ont. is getting a $21-million upgrade: the aim is to “dewater” the sludge held in its digesters. Meanwhile, Victoria, B.C. water pipes are getting a $10-million upgrade. The watermains, installed in 1927, will ensure quality drinking water and improved water pressure for firefighting.

Barrie, Ont. is expanding its water and wastewater systems with three major infrastructure projects that include a $108-million surface water treatment plant and low lift pumping station, an $87-million water pollution control plant expansion, and a $23-million expansion of the city’s biosolids storage facility.

Montreal, Que. is finalizing plans for a $200-million plant that will use ozonation to treat wastewater. A study from the Institut national de la recherché scientifique and Environment Canada tested the use of both UV radiation and ozonation to treat wastewater, determining that ozonation was more effective in removing bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals from the wastewater stream, and less dangerous to marine life near the wastewater outflow.

North Bay, Ont. is basking in infrastructure funds following two major announcements totaling more than $7 million, including more than $1.7 million to help pay for major water system upgrades on Airport Hill. The project involves watermain upgrades, construction of a new pumping station and water tower, conversion of the current pumping station to a valve chamber and repairs to the existing storage facility for interim use.

Many people would pay more taxes to reduce water pollution, a Sun Media poll reports. The poll found 78 per cent of respondents were willing or somewhat willing to pay more in taxes to build new sewage works. Nineteen per cent were unwilling or somewhat unwilling, while four per cent were uncertain.

Bottled Water Debate

After London’s ban, Fiji Water may come under fire at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival, reports Click here to read about the brand’s rise to fame.

Mayor Ivan Court wants Saint John, N.B. to be the next Canadian city to implement a bottled water ban. John Chilibeck of the Telegraph-Journal responds in favour of the bottle.


Canada has offered to help drought-stricken Israel conserve water. A delegation of Israeli water experts brought back a cooperation agreement with the Canadian province of Manitoba late last week. Manitoba, with over 100,000 lakes, stands among the best at water conservation in the world, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that he will introduce amendments to legislation governing marine traffic and pollution in Canadian Arctic waters. Click here to read more.


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