Disraeli, Quebec is receiving a joint federal-provincial financial contribution of $1,943,334 for the repair and extension of watermains and sewer lines. With the town’s contribution, total investments of $2,915,000 will enable this work.

The project involves repairing pipes under several stretches of Champoux (Highway 263), Grégoire and St. Joseph streets. Watermains and sewer lines will be replaced, and the systems will be extended by 150 and under Champoux Street, east of the town, and by 125 metres up to the intersection of Rang 6.

The watermains targeted by the project are made of grey cast iron, steel or galvanized steel, and most of them are between 60 and 90 years old. These watermains, most of which are small in diameter, have reached the end of their useful life and need to be replaced. The sewer lines to be replaced are made of asbestos cement and are 50 years old. Operational failures have been observed in the Champoux Street separate and combined sewer system. Included in the project is a plan to completely separate the sewer system under that street.


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