The federal government is providing close to $35,000 from the Rideau Canal Resource Conservation funding to the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds (CSW) to complete the Rideau Regional Profile on its Water Connections internet portal.

CSW is a not-for-profit organization created to foster community involvement in caring for water in Canadian lakes and rivers, working with groups across geographical, political and jurisdictional boundaries to support information exchange and expertise that will safeguard Canada’s water heritage.

The CSW Water Connections internet portal facilitates collaboration of local, on the ground water management efforts. It evolved out of a need to provide “one-stop” access to comprehensive and up-to-date water information for managers, researchers and the public. The CSW is developing regional profiles that will be featured on the website, and due to the CSW’s close proximity to the historic Rideau Canal, the Rideau Regional Profile will be the first profile featured on the website. It is anticipated that this profile will serve as model for other regions across the country.


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