Water Technology Firm, TECTA-PDS, Returns to Ontario

By Water Canada 08:01AM November 02, 2016



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TECTA-PDS, a drinking water technology company based in Kingston, Ontario, has returned to its roots by exiting the European market to once again become a Canadian firm.

TECTA-PDS started as Pathogen Detection Systems Ltd. in 2003. During this stage, researchers at Queen’s University and industry specialists worked together to address concerns arising from the Walkerton disaster. Together they built an advanced prototype for a fully automated, lab-in-a-box technology for microbiological water quality monitoring.

In 2009, European multinational VEOLIA Environment purchased the company and renamed it ENDETEC. With VEOLIA’s support, the company fully commercialized its flagship product—the TECTA B16 instrument and TECTAlert cartridges—for drinking water monitoring. This ground-breaking solution is now sold worldwide.

This year, ENDETEC’s managers had the opportunity to bring the company’s ownership back to Ontario. Today, the newly renamed TECTA-PDS is operating as a privately held Canadian company.  Repatriating its instrument manufacturing from Europe back to Canada, TECTA-PDS’s head office, engineering facility, and TECTA instrument manufacturing facility are now all located in Kingston, Ontario. The company’s entire supply chain is now exclusively based in Canada and the United States.

“We are pleased to bring this innovative water technology company back to where it started in Ontario,” said Douglas Wilton, president and CEO of TECTA-PDS. “We are also glad that VEOLIA remains both a valued customer and partner. The two companies continue to work closely together.” 

TECTA-PDS marketed the world’s first, automated, EPA-approved microbiological water quality monitoring system, which lowers overall monitoring costs and improves both water quality and human health.  With sales in over 25 countries, TECTA-PDS continues to meet its strategic goals of rapid sales growth and becoming the new standard for microbiological monitoring of water quality.

The return of TECTA-PDS to the Canadian market was announced at Water Innovation in Action 2.0 on October 18 by the Ontario Minister of International Trade, Michael Chan.


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