This week, Manitoba’s NDP government delivered a pre-election throne speech from the government outlining its forward-looking plans for investments to meet the needs of of a fast-growing province—including many commitments related to water.

“Our province is growing and we need to make sure that we plan strategically now for this growth,” said Premier Selinger.

Highlights of the speech included:

  • Extending the province’s core infrastructure plan by three years to investing $10 billion beyond 2020 for strategic infrastructure projects throughout the province;
  • Investing in new roads connecting First Nation communities along the east side of Lake Winnipeg and building a road to Shoal Lake 40;
  • Providing stable, predictable, and long-term funding to municipalities that will allow future community planning and development;
  • Launching a new Growing Communities Infrastructure Fund to help rural and northern communities build and renew roads, sewer, water and community centres;
  • Investing in flood protection and mitigation efforts;
  • Committing a full one-third cost share to upgrade Winnipeg’s wastewater treatment plants, increasing the province’s share by nearly $100 million;
  • Ensuring Lake Winnipeg’s wastewater treatment plants meet and comply with the highest standards;
  • Taking new action to protect wetlands and restore the health of Lake Winnipeg by requiring the reduction of nutrient loading in new legislation;
  • Enshrining the right of every Manitoban to a healthy environment in a new environmental bill of rights.

“Manitoba families face difference visions for our province,” said Premier Selinger.  “Rather than policies of deep cuts and privatization that could hurt families, this forward-looking plan is strategic and grounded in the values and priorities of Manitoba families to build the kind of prosperous future we want to see for our province over the next five years,” he said.

Lt.-Gov. Janice Filmon read the speech on Monday. The 2015 throne speech is the last before the next provincial election, scheduled for April 19th, 2016.


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