A stench has been lingering in northwest Regina since a wastewater lagoon that is housing sludge was relocated from another area of the plant. The odour worsened recently due to the high temperatures leading to public complaints, so operators of the plant are working to reduce the smell.

EPCOR, the owner and operator of the wastewater system, is in the process of building new components as well as upgrading old components of the plant, including new bio reactors and are upgrades to three digesters.

EPCOR told Water Canada that a combination of high temperatures, humidity, and the fact that an old mixing system limited the facility’s capacity to handle and process influent, enhanced the level of odour.

Vicki Campbell, senior manager of Wastewater operations at EPCOR said, “We are at the point where the second out of the three digesters is almost fully functional, which means we will be able to take down the third one in the next week or two so we will not have to continue sending sludge to the lagoon. It is a temporary operational parameter and won’t have to be a regular course of business going forward, so we are happy we are almost at the end of that piece of construction.”

EPCOR is increasing aeration in the lagoons and has sped up the process of getting a water cap on the stinky sludge to mitigate the smell. The company does not expect this to be a recurring problem and is currently building a new treatment plant for the city.

Campbell said, “Overall the construction is going really well and we are very pleased about it. It is unfortunate the odour issue came up as a result.”

Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant
Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant


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