Funding for a new industrial wastewater treatment plant in Wabush, Newfoundland and Labrador has been announced by Yvonne Jones, member of parliament for Labrador, Lisa Dempster, minister of municipal affairs and environment, and Ron Barron, mayor of the Town of Wabush.

“Making sure that communities across Canada have modern water treatment infrastructure is essential to building a healthy, sustainable future,” said Yvonne Jones, member of parliament for Labrador. “This project will benefit Wabush residents by ensuring their wastewater is treated to both federal and provincial standards, keeping them and their families safe.”

This project involves the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant that will treat around 350 cubic meters of sewage per day. This will improve the sewage collection system while ensuring wastewater is effectively treated to meet both federal and provincial standards.

“Our government is collaborating with federal and municipal partners to build safe and sustainable communities,” said Lisa Dempster, minister of municipal affairs and environment. “We are pleased to contribute $6.3 million towards this project so that residents of Wabush will have access to better wastewater services and increased environmental protection.”

The Government of Canada is investing more than $5 million in this wastewater treatment plant through the Green Infrastructure Fund of the Investing in Canada infrastructure plan. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is contributing more than $6.3 million to this project, while the Municipality of Wabush is contributing more than $1.2 million.

“The announcement today shows the commitment of all levels of government on taking our wastewater treatment seriously,” said Ron Barron, mayor of the Town of Wabush. “This has been a vision for the Town of Wabush for some time now. This work has spanned three sitting councils, including the present one, and I would like to thank both levels of government, federal and provincial, the present and former councils, and our staff for making this a reality today. I believe Wabush has taken the lead with our town becoming compliant in how we are looking out for the future of our environment.”


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