Vancouver Firm Takes Metering Technology to South Africa

By Water Canada 11:06AM July 04, 2017



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Vancouver’s QMC has signed a service contract to provide meter reading, data collection, and reporting services to Apex Innovation for its submetering business in South Africa.

“QMC is pleased to be forming a partnership with Apex to provide a state-of-the art solution bringing IoT to the submetering market in South Africa. We look forward to expanding our business with Apex to include remote data collection of water, electric, thermal, and gas meter systems,” said James Easton, president & CEO of QMC.

South Africa’s Apex Innovation provides client services for management and consumption of water and energy.

Apex Innovation will utilize QMC’s MeterConnex platform to collect data from its M-bus meter systems.

“We are continuing to look for opportunities to expand our customer base outside of Canada. The MeterConnex platform is capable of integrating with meter systems in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia,” said Easton.

QMC intelligent submetering solutions for utility use optimization, tenant billing, and LEED certification in commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings across Canada. Their technologies are helping to drive the Internet of Things innovation in the water sector. MeterConnex is described as combining “automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface and [is] geared specifically toward energy consumers, building operators, property managers, and LEED consultants.”

“QMC’s MeterConnex will complement our products and services to allow us to deliver industry-leading solutions through IoT to our commercial and multi-residential property managers here in South Africa,” said managing director of Apex Innovations, Brynn Williams.

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