At the March 28th Town of Saugeen Shores Committee of the Whole meeting, the Ontario Clean Water Agency’s (OCWA) 2021 Annual Drinking Water System report was highlighted. Each year, OCWA undertakes an evaluation of the Town’s two drinking water systems. The intent is to ensure that the water quality throughout the Town’s boundaries meets or exceeds Provincial regulations and continues to provide safe drinking water.

The analysis, in addition to the assessment of invasive substances entering the system, provides a thorough review of water quality and capacity. The report confirms that the Town of Saugeen Shore’s Drinking Water system is compliant and meets or exceeds Provincial regulations. The water and wastewater systems meet current capacity needs and are in a solid position, with upgrades already planned, to meet future demand.

“The Town of Saugeen Shores takes the availability of safe drinking water very seriously. We value the good work that OCWA does in evaluating the Town’s water system and ensuring its safety”, says Mayor Luke Charbonneau. “We are also glad that OCWA is again confirming that our water supply capacity can handle growth and acknowledges that we are future ready.”

OCWA, in accordance with Ontario Regulation 170/03 Sections 11 and 22, of The Safe Drinking Water Act, submitted two reports: The Annual Report and the Annual Summary Report. For a more detailed look at the Town’s drinking water system, both reports are available on the Town’s website under Water Reports.


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