Three Canadian water technology companies will be participating in the Colorado Cleantech Industries Association’s (CCIA) 3rd Mining Cleantech Challenge.

“Mining companies are looking for ways to save water and energy within their facilities and are engaging their suppliers to integrate practices that conserve resources through remote sensing, on-site power, data analytics, and other methods,” according to the CCIA. “The third annual Mining Cleantech Challenge quickly and efficiently provides targeted connections between mining industry operators, OEMs, and clean technology solution providers with a mutually beneficial goal of meeting industry’s needs while simultaneously introducing innovative solutions to the marketplace.”

The Canadian water technology companies that will be participating in the challenge include:

Bishop Water Technologies: Ontario-based Bishop Water Technologies has developed the BioCord™ Reactor system. According to the company, this biological, attached growth treatment technology provides an energy-efficient and cost-efficient solution for nitrogen removal from waste streams.

Earth Alive Clean Technologies Inc.: The Quebec-based company has developed a microbial dust control technology that is non-hazmat, 100% organic, and has biodegradable properties. According to Earth Alive Clean Technologies’, its EA1™ technology generates a biosurfactant and creates a second layer in the road bed, which efficiently controls dust and helps to save more than 90% in water consumption.

Swirltex Inc.: Alberta-based Swirltex Inc produces a portable, small-footprint buoyancy-based membrane wastewater filtration innovation.

CCIA’s challenge will take place on March 21, 2019, in Denver at the Governor’s Residence. The winner of the top prize will receive $5,000. The companies participating in the challenge also have the opportunity to connect on potential commercial contracts.


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