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Sask. Leadership Hopefuls Questioned on Infrastructure and Services

As Saskatchewan’s New Democratic Party (NDP) and Saskatchewan Party (SP) are in the midst of leadership campaigns, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) engaged...

York Region Seeks New Revenue Powers for Water Systems, Infra.

York Region is requesting that the Province of Ontario provide it the same revenue raising powers as the City of Toronto to help service...

UPDATED: Toronto’s Dedicated Stormwater Fee Delayed

Toronto has delayed its decision to implement a dedicated stormwater fee, due to cost concerns and the ultimate transparency for rate payers, among others. When...

Mississauga’s Mayor Speaks Up On The City’s New Stormwater Levy

The City of Mississauga in Ontario owns nearly $2 billion in stormwater infrastructure that must be properly maintained if we are to build a...

Worth Every Penny

Canadians pay remarkably little for the water supplied to our homes and businesses compared to other developed countries (see figure 1). It’s no coincidence...

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