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Know Your Well

For Saskatchewan , spring runoff season presents a huge risk for private well contamination, especially considering the province’s high levels of arsenic, selenium, and...

Saskatchewan Flood Plan Proves Popular

Uptake for the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program has been very strong, Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Dustin Duncan announced last...

Assiniboine Protection Funding Announced

The Assiniboine Watershed Stewardship Association received $70,471 from the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority this week. The group will also receive additional funding from the Watershed Authority...

Hidden Treasure

Making a map is easy. Making a good resource inventory map is difficult. That's what four southwest Saskatchewan rural municipalities (RMs) found out when...

Sask. Water Infrastructure Program Now Province-Wide

Saskatchewan's Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program will now be available to the entire province. Originally offered in the southwest last year, the expanded program...

Source Water Protection Funds for Sask.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and the North Saskatchewan River Basin Council have signed a funding agreement to begin the implementation of the North Saskatchewan...

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