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Recycling Wastewater Could Dramatically Slash Cities’ Need for Freshwater: Study

Delivering water to city dwellers can become far more efficient, according to Rice University researchers who said it should involve a healthy level of...

Funding for Treaty-based Land and Water Boards in NWT

Canada has announced new multi-year funding agreements to support 33-Treaty-based co-management boards, including those that provide water management services to northern communities. The support will...

B.C. District Opens $4M Water Treatment Plant

The governments of Canada and British Columbia have invested in modern water treatment infrastructure in the Abbotsford-Mission district. Funding the project, the Government of Canada...

Ont. Communities See Funds for Potable Water Projects

Twenty communities will benefit from grants under the Ontario Potable Water Program (OPWP), announced MP Guy Lauzon today. The total financial support is $3,739,153. The...

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