Canada has announced new multi-year funding agreements to support 33-Treaty-based co-management boards, including those that provide water management services to northern communities.

The support will go to co-management boards established under the Inuvialuit, Gwich’in, Sahtu, and Tlicho treaties, said Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs. The funding will assist the co-management boards in carrying out their roles in the stewardship of natural resources in the Northwest Territories.

“These boards and committees play a critical role in land use, environmental assessment and resource regulation in the Northwest Territories. Funding renewal was long overdue as most of these funding arrangements were set over 14 years ago and no longer reflect operational needs,” said Minister Bennett. “Establishing a modern funding regime for these boards and committees will ultimately serve to better support the spirit of these treaties.”

The new agreements represent an additional $6.2 million investment by the Government of Canada for co-management and community participation in the Northwest Territories. This 40% increase in core funding will stabilize operations of the 33 boards and committees and reflects Canada’s commitment to respect the co-management treaty rights in these modern Indigenous treaties. Total annual core funding support for these boards and committees has increased from $15.5 to $21.7 million.

“I thank Minister Bennett and her Department for recognizing the importance of long term, stable and predictable funding that is essential for our boards to do their important analyses, “said Michael McLeod, MP for Northwest Territories.

Minister Bennett also congratulated the following Canadians on their recent appointments to the following boards and committees in the Northwest Territories:

  • Ms. Edna Tobac – Member – Sahtu Land Use Planning Board
  • Ms. Kimberly Fairman – Member – Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board
  • Mr. Arthur Boutilier – Member – Gwich’in Land Use Planning Board
  • Mr. David Livingstone – Chairperon – Inuvialuit Environmental Impact Screening Committee
  • Ms. Violet Doolittle – Member – Sahtu Land and Water Board

Cover Photo Courtesy: Sahtú Gotı̨ch’ádı́ı – Wildlife of the Sahtú Region


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