Minister Jordan Addresses OECD on Need for More Sustainable Blue Economy

The Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, Bernadette Jordan, addressed the need for a more sustainable blue economy at a launch...

Water Prices Increasingly Unaffordable for Low Income Households

Environmentalists and water economists have long argued that Canadian households have not conserved water in part because it is priced at excessively low levels. Somewhat...

OECD Releases Environmental Performance Reviews of Canada

In its third Environmental Performance Review of Canada, the OECD has released its latest analysis of Canada's progress towards sustainable development and green growth,...

The Networked Field

By 2030, the world’s farms will have to produce almost 50 per cent more food than they currently do. By 2050, agricultural yields will...

Worth Every Penny

Canadians pay remarkably little for the water supplied to our homes and businesses compared to other developed countries (see figure 1). It’s no coincidence...

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