Monday, March 20, 2023

Tag: natural disasters

Canada and British Columbia invest in resilience projects

British Columbia - The Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia are investing over $29.5 million in 11 projects through the Investing...

Intact Invests $1 Million to Help Protect Canadians From Natural Disasters

The Intact Financial Corporation is investing $1 million in charities that are developing practical and effective solutions that help protect people from natural disasters like floods,...

New Reports Give Sask. Guidance on Flood and Natural Hazards

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Government Relations has released a Saskatchewan Flood and Natural Hazard Risk Assessment that provincial and local officials can use as an...

Hurricanes: Stronger, Slower, Wetter in the Future?

Scientists have developed a detailed analysis of how 22 recent hurricanes would be different if they formed under the conditions predicted for the late...

Severe Weather Events Cost Canadians $5 Billion in 2016

From the wildfires that swept through Fort McMurray in May to the floods that devastated parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland over Thanksgiving weekend,...

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