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First Nations Coalition Announces Campaign for Safe Drinking Water

A First Nations coalition will be launching a campaign to recognize the human right to safe drinking water in First Nations communities. This campaign...

Canadian Navigable Waters Act Comes into Effect

Marc Garneau, Canada's minister of transport, announced that the Canadian Navigable Waters Act and the Major Works Order have come into effect. The new legislation...

StatsCan Releases Wastewater-based Estimates of Cannabis Use

Statistics Canada has released the results of a 12-month pilot project that collected and tested municipal wastewater samples at treatment plant intake for traces...

WWF-Canada Freshwater Reports: National Coordination Imperative

Today, WWF-Canada has released the culmination of four years of research, a national assessment of Canada’s freshwater: Watershed Reports. The findings underscore the need...

Cross-Canada Tour Reveals National Concern About Water

This week, the Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT) released Cross-Canada Checkup: A Canadian Perspective on our Water Future, highlighting a 16-city cross-Canada tour conducted...

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