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Water Priorities for the Federal Election

Record investments in water infrastructure across the country have put a dent in the needs for new and rehabilitated assets, but there is still...

Facing the Dragon of Asset Management

I somewhat jokingly like to call myself an asset management evangelist. My super power is that I can turn any conversation into one about...

Sask. Leadership Hopefuls Questioned on Infrastructure and Services

As Saskatchewan’s New Democratic Party (NDP) and Saskatchewan Party (SP) are in the midst of leadership campaigns, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) engaged...

Federal Party Platforms and Great Lakes Issues

In anticipation of the upcoming federal election, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative—a binational coalition of over 110 U.S. and Canadian mayors and...

Montréal Wastewater Debacle a Matter of Necessity

What started as a measure of preventative maintenance, escalated into a federal election issue. News that the City of Montréal was set to release...

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