Monday, September 27, 2021

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New Study on the Growth of Water-based Microorganisms

Groundwater and surface water contains a myriad of microorganisms and very little has been known about how the water-based bacterial community develops in those...

Alberta Start-Up Provides In Situ Testing for E. coli

University of Alberta researchers are tackling the problem of rural and agricultural water testing by introducing a handheld sensor that can detect E. coli...

The Other 99 Per Cent

“If you can’t measure, you can’t manage.” This mantra, well known and oft-repeated, couldn’t be truer than in recent years, especially as the potential...

Researchers Develop Rapid Test Strips for E. coli

Urban beach closures due to coliform outbreaks have become disturbing signs of summer, yet water-testing technology has never been fast enough to keep up...

Stimulating Biology

Groundwater is one of Canada’s most important resources—approximately 30 per cent of the population relies on it for domestic use, and Environment Canada estimates...

More Canadian Companies Look to China

Quebec-based BioSpec Global Solutions Inc., and partner ICBS Ltd. have announced that they’re filing Eurasian patents in anticipation of entry into China. "China is one...

Ottawa Monitoring Treated Runoff: CBC

The City of Ottawa is monitoring how animals and plants in the Ottawa River are affected by chemicals that remain in sewage after it...

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