Taber, Alberta has signed a utility services agreement to operate Lantic Inc.’s wastewater treatment plant, which came into effect June 1st, 2018.

Lantic Inc. approached the town in 2017 about the possibility of a public-private partnership where the company would pay the town to provide skilled workers to operate the wastewater services to the Rogers Sugar Factory. After consideration by both parties, the partnership was found to be mutually beneficial, and the subsequent agreement was formed. At their May 14th, 2018 meeting, Taber’s council passed a resolution authorizing Mayor Prokop and chief administrative officer Cory Armfelt to sign the agreement.

“Harnessing the expertise of the town of Taber’s water and wastewater services was an excellent opportunity for our company,” said Andrew Llewelyn-Jones, operation manager for Lantic Inc. “We look forward to working with the town of Taber on this new venture.”

The scope of the agreement details that town utility operators will oversee basic management, operation, and maintenance of Lantic’s wastewater plant. The town and Lantic will also work together to review priorities for the company’s wastewater capital works projects to make sure they are completed in a prioritized and timely manner.

Taber’s mayor, Andrew Prokop (left), in front of the Rogers Sugar Factory, which will benefit from the town’s contract. Image Credit: Taber.

Besides providing an essential service to one of Taber’s largest employers, the town also considered the proposal to be an excellent way of demonstrating innovation with its water and wastewater services. This agreement is also part of the town’s commitment to increase economic development and sustainability for community businesses. This additional service to Lantic Inc. will come at no extra cost to taxpayers.

“This agreement demonstrates that the town of Taber is willing to build partnerships with our community businesses where innovation and cost-effectiveness can be met,” said Mayor Andrew Prokop. “Our water services operators have a proven track record of excellence, and we are proud to be able to offer their expertise to Lantic Inc.”


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