The Students on Ice Foundation (SOI) and Miawpukek Horizon Maritime Services Ltd. have announced a new three-year partnership for SOI to charter the Polar Prince icebreaker for education, research, and ocean conservation expeditions. This collaboration will inspire and empower youth, communities, innovation, and leadership in the pursuit of a sustainable blue future.

“We are very happy to work together with the Students on Ice Foundation,” said Miawpukek First Nation Chief Mi’sel Joe. “Their mission to connect youth to nature and both modern science and Indigenous knowledge, aligns strongly with the Miawpukek Horizon mission to accelerate Indigenous participation in the Sustainable Blue Economy. Working together we look forward to achieving great outcomes, making lasting connections via the Polar Prince with many Aboriginal Communities, and providing opportunities to develop the people that will forge our path to reconciliation and a sustainable future.”

Beginning in 2022, SOI will lead several expeditions each year onboard the ship ranging from Atlantic Canada to the Canadian Arctic. Each journey will have youth from across Canada and around the world, including Miawpukek Indigenous cadet crew members.

“Our partnership with Miawpukek Horizon comes at a critical time where we find ourselves at the beginning of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, a decade that requires knowledge, leadership and urgent, meaningful action on climate, ocean health, biodiversity, and reconciliation,” said Geoff Green, founder of the SOI Foundation. “We are optimistic and very excited about the impacts, possibilities and opportunities this will provide for youth and communities across Canada and beyond.”

Programming will immerse participants in nature, share Indigenous and modern science perspectives, and cover interdisciplinary topics. The experiences will have a lasting impact on participants’ lives, environmental conservation, research, and outreach initiatives. Together with diverse and collaborative partners, the expeditions will also support a variety of initiatives focused on climate change, ocean conservation efforts, Indigenous-led research, outreach, and media.


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