Stormwater Infrastructure Support for Atlantic Canada Village

By Water Canada 01:41PM January 11, 2018



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Today the federal government and the government of New Brunswick announced support for water and solar projects in Atlantic Canada. Improved stormwater infrastructure in New Maryland, NB will help curb flooding.


Matt DeCourcey, Member of Parliament for Fredericton; the Honourable Stephen Horsman, New Brunswick Deputy Premier and Minister of Families and Children; Her Worship Judy E. Wilson-Shee, Mayor of New Maryland; and Shelley Sabattis, Chief of Oromocto First Nation, announced over $1.1 million in funding for two new infrastructure projects that will benefit the people living in New Maryland and Oromocto First Nation.


“By supporting the development of important public infrastructure, like the projects announced today, we help create increased opportunities for Oromocto First Nation and New Maryland residents,” said MP DeCourcey.


In New Maryland, the funding will be used to extend the watermain and storm sewer, as well as rehabilitate the existing sanitary sewer on Daniel Drive. The project also involves resurfacing the roadway and installing new curbs and sidewalks. The upgrades are to ensure residents continue to have access to high quality drinking water and an efficient, reliable sewer system.

Representatives make the announcement of funding. Credit: Village New Maryland


“The Daniel Drive Project will address an issue of basements flooding that some of our residents have dealt with, and will also improve the safety of the walking and biking public as currently no sidewalk exists and there is limited roadway shoulder in this area,” Judy E. Wilson-Shee, Mayor of New Maryland. “The partnership with the federal and provincial governments is necessary in order for our municipality to undertake projects of this value and we look forward to continuing to work closely with our colleagues on this, and future, projects.”

The governments of Canada and New Brunswick are each contributing $215,175 through the Small Communities Fund for the Daniel Drive improvement project in New Maryland. The Village will provide $215,177 bringing the total municipal-provincial-federal investment to $645,527.


The second project involves the installation of solar thermal heating units on band owned buildings throughout the Oromocto First Nation community. Not only will the new equipment increase the energy efficiency of their existing facilities, it will also reduce the community’s operating costs.

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